This is the start of an ambitious project to create an illustrated guide to all Jordanian stamps from 1920 till present time. The site will list, by year, all the specifications of each and every Jordanian stamp out there, including major types and minor varieties. The site will also show images of these stamps in mint condition, and as used on covers (including first day covers). There will eventually be a cross referencing system across the Gibbons, Scott, and Michel catalog numbers. If you have any suggestions or contributions that you would like to make, please feel free to contact me by clicking on my name at the bottom of this page.

Many people have contributed to bringing this project to where it currently stands, and it would be impossible to mention and thank all of them. However, I would like to thank a few fellow philatelists for taking extraordinary measures and going way out of their way to provide me with support, suggestions, constructive criticizm, and scans from their personal collections. These people are:

Mahdi Bseiso

For Sale - Unique 1948 Presentation Essay

Unissued 50m King Abdullah profile in deep brown, die essay cut to stamp size and mounted in small leather presentation case, slight wear to the outer leather, reportedly no other examples recorded in this form, superb. A true philatelic gem! Serious inquiries only -